Feta And Melon Salad

Try this recipe for Feta and Melon Salad at home...
Wednesday , 05 December 2012
Feta And Melon Salad
Recipe of the week. Feta And Melon Salad

Medley had this salad as part of their buffet and it was super simple and super tasty with creative flavour combinations. This is how I’d make it at home…

1 melon
1 packet Danish feta
1 tbsp mixed peppercorns

 Cut open the melon, remove the seeds and use a melon baller to get balls of the same size.
Cut the Danish feta into cubes of roughly the same size and add them to the melon balls.
Roughly crush the mixed peppercorns (use just pink ones if you can – they look pretty!) and sprinkle them over the melon and feta. The mix of crisp, sweet melon with salty, creamy feta and the bite of peppercorn is a magical mouthful!