Fergie Gives Up Diet

Newly-curvacious singer puts slimming plans on hold
Wednesday , 19 November 2008
Fergie Gives Up Diet

FERGIE's diet plans have been put on hold because she has to return to the set of new movie Nine to shoot extra scenes in December.

The pop star was hoping to lose the 13 pounds (5.8 kilograms) she piled on for her role of Saraghina in the movie musical over Thanksgiving at the end of November, but she has been told to keep her shapely figure for another few weeks.

She says, "I have three more days left of shooting in December, but it's for the finale and I'm a little more covered up... so I've started to try get back my muscle tone... I'm not trying to do as much cardio because I still want to keep on a little bit of the weight for my shooting in December."

And Fergie - rea name Stacy Ferguson - admits she had no reservation packing on the pounds - and had fun preparing for her new film role.

She adds, "They just asked me, 'Can you gain weight?' because the role really calls for it and when I'm amongst actors of this calibre, I'm not gonna be so vain as to not completely dive into the role. I had a great time doing it.

"To gain weight, I just completely stopped working out... and ate anything and everything I wanted."