Fergie’s Butt Workout!

10 Mar 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

She’s got the most envied bod in showbiz, here’s how fergie got so pert...

Move over Jen Aniston, Fergie’s officially got the hottest bod in Hollywood. According to the annual ‘Famed Hottest Looks’ list, compiled by plastic surgeons-to-the-stars Richard W. Fleming and Toby G. Mayer, the majority of women undergoing plastic surgery want the glamorous Black Eyed Peas singer’s bod.

After packing on almost eight kilos for her role as a voluptuous dancer in Nine, she’s looking more fab than ever, dropping the weight with a healthy combo of diet and exercise. And, with the help of dietician Carrie Wiatt and trainer Don Brooks, Fergie’s lady lumps have never looked better... just look at that derriere! So, how did she do it?

Low Carb Diet

Following reports that her husband Josh Duhamel had cheated on her with a stripper, Fergie took to food to console herself.

“Fergie went through a terrible period of emotional eating... numbing herself by filling up on evening binges of pizza, Chinese takeout, fatty Mexican treats, as well as her favourite sugar indulgence, white chocolate chip cookies,” spilled a pal.

But, rather than accepting the end of her marriage, Fergie is fighting back with a healthy new diet plan to get her in shape, telling a friend, “A killer body is the best revenge.”

“Fergie restricts her carb intake at night,” explained dietician to the stars, Carrie Wiatt to Life Style. “That means avoiding carbs at dinner and doubling up on veggies, and having three small snacks during the day to prevent overeating at mealtimes.” Under Carrie’s supervision, Fergie’s been able to control her portions and calorie intake (1,600 a day) and is still able to enjoy many of her favourite foods.

Walking Her Way To A Fab Bod
With the help of her trainer, Don Brooks, creator of Don-A-Matrix Training, Fergie follows a regular workout routine which has her walking at an incline on the treadmill or up hills while tensing her glutes. The workout, which Josh is also a fan off, helps tone muscles and is what’s given Fergie that tight tush. She’s also a fan of Piloxing, a combination of pilates and boxing, which not only increases fitness levels, but helps to tone muscles and give her those rock hard abs she’s been flaunting in her recent music videos.

A true fan of exercise, she admits, “Working out is really the top thing in my life that I do for my own self-esteem and self-worth. When I’m exercising, I get really proud of myself because I know I’m doing everything in my power to be healthy.”

Fergie’s Daily Diet

Breakfast:Six egg-white omelette with a dash of salsa for flavour
Mid-morning:Organic yoghurt with low-sugar granola and berries
Lunch:Mixed greens, a quarter of an avocado, chicken and fibre-filled grapefruit with non-fat dressing
Evening snack:Pureed vegetable soup or carrots dipped in hummus
Dinner:Omega-3-rich salmon with wholewheat couscous and veggies

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