Feel The Burn With Dubai's New Fitness Craze!

Feel The Burn With Dubai's New Fitness Craze!

24 Jan 2016

This workout will get you in great shape

If you're still sticking to your New Year's health kick, the hottest new workout on the planet has finally made its way to Dubai and promises to get you in tip-top shape in no time! 

New to The Warehouse Gym on Umm Suqueim Road, 1SX8 is a brand new boutique training studio now offering BURN workouts. 

BURN is a unqiue, high intensity interval training workout that combines cardio (there's work on the treadmill and a rowing machine) as well as strength and endurance based exercises on the TRX and with dumbbells. You basically go through each exercise in bursts of 75 seconds with a minutes rest in between, over a period of 45 minutes. We tried it - it's tough, but a great workout and proven to burn calories, fast. The best bit? You'll keep on burning them the next day, too! 

Following soon with PEDAL, PUNCH and BEND classes, we'll see you there! 

INFO: See the full schedule here: 1six8.net/#!schedule/aym6y