Fears over Amy's plummeting weight

Winehouse growing thinner by the day
Sunday , 13 April 2008
Amy pictured outside her London home recently.
Amy pictured outside her London home recently.
As she was - Amy pictured in 2005, before her troubles began.
As she was - Amy pictured in 2005, before her troubles began.

Despite reports troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE is battling back to health, recent pictures show the star is still looking worryingly thin.

The 24-year-old, whose looks have been ravaged by drugs, is still struggling to get back into to shape since her meltdown late last year following the arrest of her husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

Since the New Year the Back to Black singer has been in and out of rehab and friends and family hoped she was finally putting her problems behind her.

But recent pictures show the once voluptuous singer is still painfully thin and seems to be suffering from the bacterial skin condition impetigo.

Winehouse was snapped late last month stepping out of a kebab shop with spots and scabs on her wrinkled cheeks, chin and nose.

Although the scabs seem to have healed friends fear her increasingly frail condition is a sign that her drinking and drug taking is once again spiralling out of control.

Just yesterday the Grammy-winner stepped out of a London recording studio, where she has been working on the new Bond theme with uber-producer Mark Ronson, and marched straight across the road and straight into a nearby pub.

A source said: "She is showing all the signs that she has not yet kicked her habits.

"She's clearly not eating very much and I don't think I've seen any fruit or vegetables pass her lips.

"It's no wonder she looks in such a desperate state."

The singer's 25-year-old husband is on remand in Pentonville Prison awaiting trial on charges of GBH and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

It has been reported that after Fielder-Civil was put in solitary confinement recently both he and Amy started self harming again.

"It is like some kind of pact to show how much they love each other," another source added.