Fears for Kim Kardashian and her unborn baby

The reality star has been rocked by yet another health scare
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 14 October 2015
Fears for Kim Kardashian and her unborn baby
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Poor Kim Kardashian. She always struggles to fall pregnant, and when she does, there’s always drama. Kim has now revealed that she could be diagnosed with diabetes as she carries her second child.

34-year-old Kim, who is expecting a son in December, suffered from potentially deadly preeclampsia when she was pregnant with North in 2013. And on a recent routine doctor's check-up, she was told that she could be in even more trouble this time around. "Once you have preeclampsia, you are at risk for having it again," Kim's doctor warned her. Preeclampsia causes high blood pressure and can threaten the lives of both mother and baby.

If she does have the dangerous condition, Kim will need to carefully keep track of her blood sugar levels for the remainder of her pregnancy.  She’ll have to be monitored to make sure that she and her baby boy remain healthy and that the excess glucose in her blood stream doesn't cause her baby to grow too big too fast, or even worse, force her to deliver before her December due date.

Kim already revealed in April that this pregnancy would probably be her last. She said that when she was pregnant with North, the placenta did not separate from her uterus like it was supposed to. If this happens again during the second pregnancy, she may have to go into emergency surgery after the birth and have her entire uterus removed!

Gynaecologist Debbie Alter explains: “This is called a ‘retained placenta’ and it’s bad because there’s no reason for the placenta to stay in the uterus when the baby is born. It’s a freak of nature, it’s rare but it can happen.” “There’s a higher chance if you have a retained placenta that you will have it happen again,” Debbie tells us. “But there’s no guarantee,” she says. “If it does happen again it depends on how much is attached and if they can’t get it out. Very often the doctors can go in manually and remove it. If not they can’t then they can do a surgery at the birth and remove it then and possibly remove the uterus. What she is doing is what we all do, is go to the worst case scenario. This is the worst case,” she explained.

So it’s no wonder Kim has not enjoyed her pregnancy. Kim wrote on her website, admitting it "is the worst experience of my life!" She added: “I don't enjoy one moment of it and I don't understand people who enjoy it." However, she does mention that it's "worth it when you have your precious baby in the end."

December is just around the corner, Kim. Hang in there!

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