Fashion Cafe's Detox Brunch

The Friday tradition gets a healthy makeover
ByLauren SteadmanSunday , 31 May 2015
Fashion Cafe's Detox Brunch

Summer is fast approaching and everyone is starting to get their health kick on, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your much-loved weekend brunch. Fashion Café recently launched their Detox Brunch which takes place every Saturday and it’s just as yummy as your standard usual brunch. From their roasted beetroot soup and grilled salmon with mango coriander salsa to their poached peach for dessert, you are going to love being healthy! Delicious food aside, you can also quench your thirst with their berry breakfast antioxidant, immune booster or ginger lemon herbal infusion which will not only hydrate you and do wonders for your skin but will also boost your metabolism. And we all know that means burning those unwanted calories! Fashion Café’s relaxing environment and health-conscious dishes will get you addicted to being healthy - trust us!

INFO: Dhs135, 12pm – 5pm, Sat, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Standpoint, Burj Khalifa Area,

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