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The fashion influencer who's connecting businesswomen through her blog
Wednesday , 23 March 2016
Farhana Bodi
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Farhana Bodi
• On my website I’ve launched a new blog called Woman of the World, committed to female empowerment. Here I provide a platform to showcase women’s talents and achievements. It’s a powerful networking tool and I use it to connect businesswomen in the industry, which is helpful in tailoring guest lists for corporate events and identifying ambassadors for the brands I work with. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response it’s received and the business opportunities 
it’s created.
• I also act as brand ambassador myself for multiple fashion and beauty brands, modelling new collections and introducing them to the market via my social media following and my website. For example, in this shoot I’m waring a dress by designer Dany Atrache. 
• Being selected for the Hot 100 is a great honour, but I have to say that becoming a mum for the first time is not only the highlight of my year, it’s the biggest achievement of my life to-date.  
• In business, I’ve learnt many lessons, but the most important is that time is precious, so it shouldn’t be wasted on negativity; we should focus on the positive and learn from our mistakes.
• Over the coming year, I want to continue to grow my site and take it global. I believe the universe will do everything in its power to help those who want to help themselves.
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