Farhad Moshiri Teams Up With Louis Vuitton

20 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Iranian artist unveiled first fine art window in Middle East

Leading Iranian artist, Farhad Moshiri, has become the first fine art collaborator to work with Louis Vuitton on their store windows in the Middle East. The one-off artworks created exclusively for the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Louis Vuitton shops were unveiled on 13 November at Mall of the Emirates.

The four windows are titled Once Upon A Time (Mall of the Emirates), Writing In Waterfalls (Burjuman Mall Dubai), Top of the World (Dubai Mall) and Frosting Stories (Abu Dhabi Marina Mall). “Once Upon a Time is a
work inspired by my collection of old used postcards, sent to loved ones during
travel or festive seasons. While Writing in Waterfalls is “beautiful and romantic and it makes my mind wander off and imagine
a love letter written inside a cave hidden behind a waterfall; or maybe
precious memoires written with teardrops. My painting, Frosting Stories is an auto portrait.
I assume the character of a mythical voyager. I meet Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, find the magic lantern and make
three wishes, sail the seas with Sinbad in search of lost treasure, learn to
hunt with the American Indians and hang out with Hassan Khan who is a fun but
simple minded boy living during the Qajar dynasty. With sugar frosting as
paint, I write about how he fell off the roof and broke his head while flying
his kite. Hand woven with the golden and silver thread of fantasy, Frosting Stories is a luxurious flying
carpet that takes me anywhere and at anytime I wish.”

“I do like to show my work in places that are not necessarily intended for art,” said Farhad. “I also like to produce the kind of work with materials that are not intended for art.”

“This project with Louis Vuitton, really gives you an opportunity and a privilege to show in such an exciting place and to reach such a diverse public. It’s exciting to me and very fascinating. I’m envious of myself almost.”

“For Louis Vuitton, the collaboration with the world of art is more a question of affinity than of a provocation or image booster,” said Yves Carcelle, CEO and President of Louis Vuitton. “Luxury, fashion and art are both expressions of emotion and passion; they search the exceptional and give us an alternative view of the world. Art inspires fashion and luxury, as luxury and fashion inspires art.”

So the next time you’re window shopping enjoy the exclusive art on display at Louis Vuitton stores across the UAE.