Farewell Brittany

Farewell Brittany, there’s a kooky-shaped hole in Hollywood now...
Wednesday , 23 December 2009
Farewell Brittany

Brittany Murphy’s untimely death aged just 32 has certainly robbed Hollywood of, not only one its most talented stars, but also one of its kookiest characters. And if you spend a few mins casting your mind across the current crop of young actresses reveals that Britt has left behind a big ol’ pair of spangly high-heeled boots that simply cannot be filled.

Just as Johnny Depp has cornered the market in borderline certifiable, Brittany was the go-to girl for loveable yet sliiiiightly will-she-accidentally-burn-my-house-down-if-I-leave-her-at-home-while-I-pop-to-the-shop characters. Characters that, let’s be honest, the likes of Keira, Scarlett, Winslet and Biel are never going to nail.

Too polished, too beautiful (self-admittedly in Jessica Biel’s case!), too self-aware maybe, but these gals simply don’t have what it takes to do the dirty with Eminem in a steel processing plant, before flipping him off as a mean of saying ‘goodbye’.

Brittany, honey, we will miss you and your super-fun characters. As Ashton Kutcher so brilliantly put it, see you on the other side, kid...