A dream come true: Shawn Mendes' newest tattoo was created by a fan

Shawn is such a sweetheart
ByJulianne TolentinoWednesday , 24 July 2019
A dream come true: Shawn Mendes' newest tattoo was created by a fan

A Shawn Mendes fan just had her wildest dreams come true after the pop singer got her intricate butterfly design tattooed on his arm.

A fan named Kayla, or @nasaruins on Twitter, posted an edited picture of Mendes with the butterfly she drew herself, alongside the caption: "Shawn Mendes with a butterfly tattoo. I rest my case.”

What she didn't know was what would come next.

The senorita singer apparently DMed her, and asked for the original photo of her drawing, and she was ecstatic!

The conversation was super casual, with Kayla explaining that she used an editing app called 'Picsart' to place her drawing on his arm.

But seriously, the tattoo is stunning. Instead of your typical butterfly illustration, the left wing is made out of lush florals.

The tattoo was brought to life on July 21, with help from Toronto-based tattoo artist Livia Tsang. What's even sweeter is that Mendes chose to place the tattoo on the exact spot Kayla imagined it in her photo.

Of course, Kayla freaked out after hearing the news, and expressed her excitement on Twitter after seeing Mendes sporting the intricate art.

She wrote: "I’m fully crying oh my god he’s really getting it,"

It's such a sweet gesture to see the pop singer pay attention to his fans, and we hope to see Shawn interact with them more in the future!

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