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Fancy Bagging Yourself A Celebrity? You Need A-List Dating App Raya

05 Jul 2018

Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick is the latest star to be spotted on the app

British actor Ed Westwick is reportedly swiping right on a celebrity dating app, despite still being linked to long-term girlfriend Jessica Serfaty.

The Gossip Girl star appeared loved-up with the model just a few weeks ago, but according to The Sun Online, the 31-year-old has an active profile on members-only app Raya.

Described as "a private, membership-based community for people all over the world to connect and collaborate," the exclusive app is said to be used by a number of A-list celebrities including Joe Jonas and Cara Delevingne.

On his profile, the actor allegedly says he is from London and has posted a number of photos of himself alongside a link to his Instagram account. The app also has a feature allowing members to say if they are on the site “just for friends” - an option Ed has reportedly not activated.

Jessica, 27, famously stood by the actor last year when he was accused of a number of harassment crimes, after American actress Kristina Cohen claimed the star had raped her in his Hollywood Hills home in February 2014.

While the couple has not explicitly confirmed they are still dating, the America's Next Top Model star shared a doting message about Ed to her Instagram page just six days ago.

"Happy birthday to the kind hearted. They don’t build ‘em like they used to. @edwestwick," she captioned an image of the actor perched at a table in a restaurant. The couple was also spotted by the Daily Mail enjoying a lunch together in West Hollywood, California, last month.

"When I saw him on the app I couldn't believe it. It just made me feel sorry for Jessica and everything she's had to put up with," a source told The Sun Online. "She's stood by him throughout these allegations and the least she could expect is for him to not be spending time on this app. Only the other day she was posting about how much she cared about him on Instagram."

Who else is on Raya?

Drew Barrymore was caught by her ex on the app: 

"I'm with my children's father (Kopelman)... and he walks in as he goes, 'Why are you on (celebrity dating app) Raya?' and I was like, 'How do you know? I was on it for four days...' He goes, 'Because I just saw your profile; it came up on my phone'," she recalls, before lamenting: "I'm still on it. I'm still trying to get off of it!"

Adam Lambert has tried it, and left it: 

"I'm on there. I've already done that one," the American singer told Austalian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show, when Jackie asked him if he'd ever tried Raya. "I've come through it and I didn't meet anyone."

Amy Schumer got Demi Lovato to try it: 

"Amy Schumer was like, 'Are you on this thing called RAYA?'" the Sorry Not Sorry singer told Billboard. "I put myself out there, because I was ready to date. And I went on a few RAYA dates, and they went well.