Fan Burned by flare at Liam Gallagher gig

ByTeam Ahlan!Sunday , 24 November 2019
Fan Burned by flare at Liam Gallagher gig

Police officials in Sheffield, England are investigating a flare incident at a Liam Gallagher gig in the city, which has left a fan scarred for life. Stacey Andrew, 27, was set alight by the banned flare during the concert at the Fly DSA Arena on Monday.

"The flare hit my head and fell down my top, at first I didn't realise what had happened until people shouted," she told The Star. "Then people started patting me. My shirt was in flames and a man ripped it off. People were shouting, 'She's on fire!'

South Yorkshire Police officials are looking into the incident. 

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