Famous Celeb Fallbacks!

10 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Justin Timberlake's a designer on the side, Gwyneth Paltrow dabbles in being a lifestyle guru and Brad Pitt turns architect every now and then. Check out the T'Towners who’ve turned their hobbies into second careers…

Ever been a bit bored at work and pondered a career change? You’re not alone. Half of T’Town’s at it, by the looks of things. Check out the big names with a bit on the side. Hollywood’s a fickle town after all!

Justin Timberlake: Designer & Restaurant Owner
The pop-prince-turned-actor hasn’t just got one sideline, he’s got two. First came his clothing line, William Rast, which he launched in 2006 with his BFF Trace Ayala. Then came the restaurant, Southern Hospitality BBQ, which now has two branches in NYC. If you’re in the US and fancy trying JT’s cooking, expect fried food a go-go and J’s skinny fiancée Jessica Biel looking scared.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Lifestyle Guru
OK, so she looks great and we kind of care how she got there, but do we really need a website full of lifestyle advice from smug Gwyn? She seems to think so. Goop.com tells us what to eat, do and wear and has notched up a respectable 150,000 subscribers. Paltrow’s also released a best-selling cookbook about dining out with her late dad, Bruce, called My Father’s Daughter in which she spends far too much time writing about eating pasta. Or did she? Rumours swirled at the time that the book was ghost-written for Gwyn, but she says she wrote it, and eats carbs!

Bono: Hotelier
As two members of rock band U2, Bono and The Edge were no strangers to posh hotels when they snapped up one of their own back in 1992. Their boutique property The Clarence in Dublin is still going strong 20 years later. We like to think Bono mans reception while The Edge provides a turn-down service and pops a chocolate on every pillow.

Giselle: Flip-Flop Pusher
The Brazilian beauty wasn’t content with raking in big bucks as a model so she branched out into footwear, specifically flip-flops. Her Ipanema brand sells like hot cakes in her native Brazil, adding more millions to her vast fashion fortune. Last year, she netted a cool $45 million, more than double what hot NFL-star hubby Tom Brady brought in. Well jeal… Of the cash, rather than Tom, that is.

Brad Pitt: Architect
When he starts to lose his looks, Brad’s got another career to fall back on – he’s a bit of a designer on the side. Angie’s man founded the Make It Right foundation after Hurricane Katrina destroyed 4,000 homes in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward and has been using his skills to build 150 affordable storm-resistant replacements for residents. He might be doing this for charity but Brad’s apparently a bit of a dab hand and has added serious bucks to his own homes through renovations. He’s also trying to get the Brangelina brood involved and told chat show host Ellen, “When you see them drawing crayon houses, you say, ‘That’s a beautiful house, honey.’ You just keep pushing them.” Start ‘em young, Brad.

Akon: Diamond Mine Owner
Remember him? The six-time Grammy Award-winning R ‘n’ B star was massive back in the day, but he planned ahead for the time he might not be such a star by snapping up a diamond mine in South Africa. Random! The bling-loving bad boy seems to wear more rocks than he sells, but he’s happy (and rich) enough since discovering and signing Lady Gaga!

Kiefer Sutherland: Music Mogul
What does Kiefer do when he’s not being all Jack Bauer-ish on 24? He runs his own record label, of course. The action hero and Eighties icon founded Ironworks Music with BFF Jude Cole in 2007 and vowed to, “help young artists that might not be able to find their way.” We love him even more!