Faiza Rangoonwala

The designer putting a twist on tradition
ByJasmine BandaliSaturday , 01 March 2014
Faiza Rangoonwala
© ITP Images
Ten years from now… I would like my new fashion venture to be fully established

For those not in the know, some of the most amazing ethnic statement pieces are created in Pakistan. But due to the country’s lack of tourism and instability, few see the light of day elsewhere. This is where Faiza Rangoonwala comes in. The Pakistani designer collaborated with seven other celebrated fashionistas from Lahore and Karachi to create a clothing range showcasing Pakistan’s best talent. Her line, The Edit, was sold at DIFC last year – the pop-up store offered coats, capes, jumpsuits and hand-embellished jackets, among other items. Faiza put her own stamp on the pieces by tailoring their quality and finishing to suit her taste and, having whet the appetite of her elite base of loyal clientele, plans to expand her brand both regionally and internationally.

She credits Dubai with offering a platform to emerging designers, something she says helped her boost the brand’s profile since she arrived in the emirate eight years ago. “I have been able to remain independent and do my own thing, and have access to people from all four corners of the globe and yet speak my native language wherever I go,” she says. “That creates a great sense of belonging.”