Women of the UAE

Fabulous Females of the Year

13 Sep 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Calling all UAE women! Do you know a talented, beautiful, fun or courageous female in your life? Enter now to be part of a world first

The UAE is celebrating women and in the process showcasing the talent and beauty of females in the region. In a new endeavour by one fabulous woman, award winning photographer Charney Magri, stories of many fabulous women will be told.

‘’I now live in a city where the female is still relatively new at being a leading light in the community, injecting ideas, influencing and making decisions otherwise lead by men,” says Charney. “As the United Arab Emirates progresses, each generation is becoming broader minded, more outspoken and educated. This voice and independence is what captivates me. Through photographing the women of the UAE, I will explore what woman are achieving, how they are making a difference, and the positive effects this is having on the community I am living in.’’

“Women Of The UAE is centric to the inner beauty of all women, of all ages, of all nationalities, from all walks of life and will become a defining cultural and artistic snapshot of this important period of development in the UAE,” say event organisers.

Want to be apart of this amazing opportunity? It’s simple. Just register yourself or another fabulous woman you know at www.charneymagri.com or at www.facebook.com/womenoftheuae. Once you’ve registered you could be one of many to be chosen for a photo shoot of which 100 images will be selected to be published in the book ‘Women Of The UAE.’ To all the fabulous women out there, enter now!

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