Fab UAE Home: Samantha Malkoun

Fab UAE Home: Samantha Malkoun

05 Jan 2014

Australian born expat Samantha Malkoun opens the doors to her stunning apartment to reveal her love of rich colours and comfortable family surrounds...

Tell us how long you have lived in this apartment
We have always preferred apartment living and this one we have been in for six months. With everyone’s different daily routine, we like the time we are at home together to be spent together! Romeo pulls tupperware out of his special cupboard, Jada draws fairytales on the windows that overlook the beach and Laila potters around whispering her secret stories to the ‘story of it’s own’ artwork that adorns the walls! We are all within ear shot and love each other’s company.

Who lives here?
Daddy, Mummy, Laila, Jada and Romeo are the full time residents. We have had visitors since we got here though – thank goodness we opted for the four bedroom unit. We have had guests from Greece, Moscow,  Sharjah, Belgium and London in the last six weeks.

What is your favourite room?
The terrace balcony is my favourite space in the house. It spells full relaxation as soon as you step on the dusty sand coloured tiles. I love going out there as it is so peaceful and such a contrast to what is going on inside. We overlook the Marina and I love the lights in the night, we watch the most incredible sunsets and we have the most gorgeous ocean right at our door step. It is truly a beautiful place. 

Describe your interior style
I have always thought of my style as eclectic minimalism. I love shabby chic pieces that remind me of my late Grandma’s home back in New Zealand. I love the trendy cement pots that almost feel industrial and humbling old world artwork. Things that evoke thought, reflection, love and emotion make their way into my home.

It has almost an old world feel about it with the decor and rich colourings – where do you buy your stunning pieces?
We collect artwork, linen and books and these things travel with us making us feel at home in any environment. There is a beautiful cafe/shop on Beach Road in Jumeirah called Comptoir 102. I am eyeing up a few pieces in there and I recently discovered POMME furniture which is handcrafted locally in Dubai, I want to have another baby just so I have an excuse to buy their star crib bed! Their children’s furnishings are top quality, safe and dreamy! Everything kids furniture should be.

Do you have certain interior pieces that you love to splurge on?
Definitely the couch! There are so many elements to a couch that need to be considered;  such as comfort, durability and aesthetic appeal are standard, but in our home we must consider it’s ability to double as a bed, how much re-fluffing the cushions need? Are they heavy cushions? How well can the couch hide a stain (we have three children and are just being realistic!)  There is a fabulous interior design and furnishings shop in Australia called Coco Republic and I love their couches and most of their pieces. 

Tell us about your career
I opened the Future Kids Accelerated Learning Centre (www.futurekids.ae) in Dubai this year. We offer a program to babies from six months of age that results in them communicating and interacting faster than those children who have not had specific interaction and stimulation provided to them. Children are capable of communicating a very long time before they can speak. The Future Kids program makes learning fun and equips children with different ways to learn. My biggest concern with education has always been that the child’s learning style has not been considered in the process. 

How hard is it to juggle a career with children?
It has been really hard for me this year. We have each gone through a lot of changes and whilst we are a strong family unit and everything has been positive, there are still huge adjustment periods. I am lucky to have such an incredible husband who offers the most amazing support! Humour is a big part of our family and anything I am worried out about usually ends in him showing me a funny side. The children are at the centre every day which definitely makes it easier to be at work too.