F1 Driver Sebastian Vettel Set to Make History

13 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Racing legend is on track for all-time pole position record

Going in to day three of the Etihad Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel, is set to make F1 history. The world champion is reportedly on track to break the record for the highest number of pole positions in a single season.

Sebastian is looking to take the title from Nigel Mansell which was set in 1992 with a record 14 pole positions for the year. After the race this weekend, where Sebastian took the pole from Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, he told fans that he is determined to take the new title.

“Believe in it, baby, believe in it!” screamed Vettel as a crew member said “Good evening Mr Mansell” over the car’s radio. “All in all, just enough to jump ahead of Lewis,” beamed Vettel immediately after the session.

To take the record Sebastian has to enter the final race of the season in Brazil in pole position.

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