The opening of Lindsay Lohans nightclub Lohan in Athens Greece

Eye-roll alert: Lindsay Lohan apparently reserves her own toilet at nightclubs these days*

18 Sep 2019

*We're assuming only Australia lets her get away with it

Lindsay Lohan makes sure she never gets caught short by reserving her own private toilet at nightclubs.

According to Lohan's The Masked Singer Australia co-judge, radio personality Jackie 'O' Henderson, she "reaped the benefits" of partying with the actress/singer on a recent night out.

The 44-year-old host revealed on her The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday that Lindsay, 33, reserves toilet cubicles so she doesn't have to wait in line for the women's bathroom.

"I went to the public toilet in this nightclub and there were girls everywhere lining up for the toilet,' she recalled of the pair's night out at The Star in Sydney, Australia. "Lindsay's security took me into the toilet and there was one cubicle that just said, 'Do not use' - it's just reserved for Lindsay."

Explaining how she bypassed other disgruntled patrons to get to the front of the line, Jackie added: "I was escorted to the celebrity cubicle and he (security guard) waited outside...

"I felt a bit stupid," she confessed.

The Masked Singer Australia premieres later this month.