Extreme Mud Obstacle Course Coming to Dubai!

Extreme Mud Obstacle Course Coming to Dubai!

20 Jul 2016

Du Tough Mudder debuts in the UAE for the first time at Hamdan Sports Complex

Du Tough Mudder is an obstacle course like no other; the run is untimed, there are no winners or losers and it celebrates teamwork and having fun while challenging yourself.

It’s the ultimate course for beginners who want to test themselves but also be able to walk afterwards! No obstacle is compulsory as the founders want you to have fun and be safe while completing the course. There are no prizes or trophies to be won, except the satisfaction of finishing the eight or 16km course. Anyone from casual to seasoned athletes can finish this run!

The teams can be as small or large as you like! Time to ring your entire squad.

Du Tough Mudder has many innovative hurdles like the Block Ness Monster, which are sets of rotating 60ft barriers that participants have to help one another to push, pull, and roll their way over. They also have extremely challenging obstacles like King of the Swingers, where you have to leap from a 12ft platform to catch a handle and use it to swing across a mud pool and tap the bell hanging before you. Way to channel your inner Tarzan! If only we had any upper body strength. We’ll stick to lifting ice cream spoons to our mouths for now.

Accompanied by an adult on their team, 16-and 17-year-olds can take part in the du Tough Mudder race. There will also be a du mini-Mudder course, for seven to 13-year-olds, which is completely safe, and a great way to get your kids to be more active. We only hope they won’t get distracted and look for Pokémon instead! Spectators can watch the run for only Dhs40, yet kids that are 13 years old and younger can watch for free. If you aren’t afraid of a little challenge and a lot of mud, sign up today!

INFO: Fri 9-Sat 10 Dec, Dhs420 per person for du Tough Mudder half, Dhs545 per person for du Tough Mudder, Hamdan Sports Complex, Dubai, toughmudder.ae