Expats are NOT happy about the UAE's cost of living

Almost half of the country's expats are considering leaving
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 10 March 2015
Expats are NOT happy about the UAE's cost of living
Expats in the UAE are not happy with the high living costs

The UAE is famous for its multicultural expat community, but a new survey found that around half of those expats are considering packing their bags and leaving the country due to the high living costs.

A YouGov study, focussing on financial saving habits of Emiratis and UAE expats (done for The National newspaper), claims that 50 percent of expats working in the UAE would consider leaving due to the country’s high cost of living. 42 percent, however, said that they have improved their financial status since being here.

Alaeddine Ghazouani, research manager at YouGov, told The National newspaper: “The majority of expatriates consider money and saving for the future as an important factor in moving to UAE.” He added: “The rising costs of living are increasingly holding them back from safeguarding the financial security they have been looking for, which makes moving out of the UAE a serious alternative.”

The survey’s 1104 respondents mostly complained that the high rental costs in the UAE were affecting their financial status, while a few also said that education is too expensive.

Are you an expat that feels the same, or do you think life in the UAE is still financially manageable?