Expat Packages and Bonuses Back in the UAE

It could be time for a new job, folks. Bonuses are back in the Middle East as prospects improve
Sunday , 09 December 2012
Expat Packages and Bonuses Back in the UAE

If you're thinking about changing jobs you could have timed it perfectly. A new report suggests that expat packages and bonuses of yesteryear could be on their way back to the Middle East.

"The Middle East is
expected to experience an average growth of salaries of 5 to 6 per cent this
year, firmly above developed markets where debt-laden governments are
struggling to deleverage." reported The National.

The daily added, "However, the region is
expected to lag Asia, where economies are growing rapidly and salaries are
racing ahead at an expected rate of 7.5 per cent, led by a "war for
talent" in China. The study found that
salaries were expected to rise 4.6 per cent in the UAE next year."



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