Terri-Leigh Jacobs is the NIVEA angelstar for 2010

Exclusive with NIVEA's angelstar

30 Sep 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Blossoming Dubai student takes home the beauty crown

Hailing from South Africa, Terri-Leigh Jacobs is a bright, bubbly beauty who went from aspiring model to the face of NIVEA with her ability to ‘wow’! In a bid to show the world her ‘cheerful’ and ‘carefree’ nature Terri-Leigh entered the NIVEA angelstar competition and after being selected in the finals went on to be crowned the face of the range ahead of four other finalists. In this candid interview Ahlan! Live chats to the Terri-Leigh to find out what her ‘wow’ factor is, what she loves about being a NIVEA ambassador and what’s next for the blossoming beauty.

Ahlan!Live (AL): For starters, tell us a little bit about yourself: who you are, where you’re from and what you love to do!

Terri-Leigh Jacobs (TL):Hey I’m Terri-Leigh Jacobs; the winner of the NIVEA angelstar competition. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa. I love relaxing by the pool, going to the cinemas, and of course going shopping! Fashion is my obsession.

AL: What does it mean for you to win the model competition and become the new NIVEA angelstar model?
TL:It means so much to me because it’s boosted my confidence level tremendously, as well as given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams of having a modeling career and with such a great brand as NIVEA! It truly is a dream come true for me, and I can’t believe it’s a reality.

AL: You really WOWed everyone, so tell us, what is WOW for you?
For me, being WOW is about your inner strength and beauty. It’s about knowing that you’re beautiful, and having the confidence to show it! Because every girl is WOW, she just needs to believe it. And that’s why I love the NIVEA angelstar range - it’s about encouraging young girls to feel beautiful and confident.

AL: As a NIVEA ambassador, what do you love most about the brand and what are your favorite NIVEA products?
I love that I’ve grown up with NIVEA products being in my home, and have always used them! I know that I can always rely on NIVEA to provide only the best of everything, they never disappoint!
My favorite NIVEA product that I can’t live without has to be NIVEA’s nourishing body lotion. You’re guaranteed to have soft, smooth skin all day long! I also can’t live without NIVEA’s Volume Nanodefinition Mascara! It adds volume, length and defines every eyelash! It’s everything you look for in a mascara.

AL: Who is your style icon/role model and why?
My style icons would have to be the Olsen twins. They have a chic-bohemian style to them, and always aren’t afraid to be unique and take a few risks! They inspire me because their two young, beautiful, successful entrepreneurs. They’ve turned their childhood acting careers into a multi-million dollar retail empire. They encourage me to strive for my goals, and to remember that age is not a limitation to success! Anything is achievable with enough hard work and effort.

AL: If you had a fab event to go to which celebrity hair and make up trend would you have for the night and why?
When it comes to hair, I always have been and will be a fan of luscious wavy curls. I think it brings a sense of elegance that’s perfect for a fab event! With makeup, I think I’d go for a flawless natural base, with rosy cheeks. I’m loving copper and golden eye shadows at the moment, so I think a mixture of light gold’s and deep coppers would make the perfect smoky eyes! Really defined lashes are a must! They can draw attention to your eyes, to create the dramatic and glamorous look you’d go for on a fab night out!

AL: What’s next for you?
Well, I’m in my second year of university at the moment, but I also hope to join a modeling agency here in Dubai. It’s always been a dream of mine, and I think winning the NIVEA angelstar competition has really given me the platform I needed to get started!! So, hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me around.

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