EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian’s Arabic Shake

Sheeraz Hasan spills all on keeping up with Kim in the Middle East
Wednesday , 20 July 2011
EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian’s Arabic Shake
Kim Kardashian and Sheeraz

Sheeraz Hasan, 37, has the world’s most enviable little black book, filled with Hollywood’s hottest, from A to Z. The creator behind the hit television shows Tinseltown TV and Hollywood.TV, has spent the last eight years schmoozing with the rich and famous and now he’s bringing the A-list to the Middle East. Ahlan! Live’s Shannon Wylie spoke to the award-winning 'American Dream' (a nickname Tom Cruise uses for Sheeraz) about bringing Kim Kardashian to Dubai to launch the UAE's first Millions of Milkshakes bar, why he loves Miley Cyrus and when he’s set to unleash Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga on the Emirate.

“Over the last two years Kim’s had around 30 to 40 requests to come to Dubai and Abu Dhabi but she’s turned them down. There was no trust. So I sat down with Kim and her mum and I gave them an explanation about the people and the culture,” said Sheeraz. “Kim was the first star I brought to Millions of Milkshakes in 2009, she’s a lucky charm for me in Hollywood,” he continued. After successfully launching the US store the reality television star is jetting into the Emirate on 12 October to launch the first Millions of Milkshakes store in the UAE with Emirates Hospitality. “I thank Sheeraz for setting up my Dubai trip in October - so much to do - I am so excited!! Xoxo,” said Kim when news broke in June that she was heading to the Emirate for the first time.

Kim is in the UAE for four days and Sheeraz says her schedule is action-packed. “She’s going to be doing touristy stuff, see the best places to go and to shop, to see the best the UAE has to offer.” So who does the celebrity media mogul have in mind to bring to the Emirate next? “Justin Bieber is on our list to bring to Dubai. He’s so humble, he’s got a great window of opportunity, he knows how to work the crowd,” said Sheeraz. And Lady Gaga? “She’s great, she has the freedom to express herself but if she comes to the Middle East, there’s going to be some customisation happening.”

Asides from sprinkling his magic on the Millions of Milkshakes brand Sheeraz also works with other celebrities including Miley Cyrus. “I work very closely with her and her team. She’s hungry and ambitious but she’s so grounded.” When asked about Miley’s recent landslide of negative media attention, Sheeraz shrugged off the idea it was anything more than teenage angst. “Miley Cryus is just having fun.” Cue the pop star's rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. “When you’re that famous and the whole world is watching it’s going to happen. She’s a sweetheart.”

“I’ve worked with everyone in Hollywood. I now want to tap into the Arabic stars. I want to use Millions of Milkshakes as a vehicle to create Arabic shakes.”

The Millions of Milkshakes store is opening at Dubai Mall on 14 October. For more information on the launch visit millionsofmilkshakes.ae. Watch this space as Sheeraz and the Dubai Mall roll out a competition for fans to meet Kim.

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