EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nickelback's Mike Kroeger

14 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Ahlan! chats to Nickelback's bassist ahead of their gig at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after-race concerts

You're currently touring for your latest album Here and Now. How has it been going so far?
It has been going great! People are turning out to the shows and we couldn't be happier really.

Has the album been well received so far?
You can't really know because people don't really buy music anymore. There used to be this scale that you could use to know how you're doing by how many records or singles you sell but nobody's paying anymore so you just really have to take what they do buy and guess. And then what you get on the road and start putting concerts on, that's when you get a real sense of who's into it, and if fans like it.

Nickelback has been around for 18 years. Has the music industry really changed a lot since you formed?
There's an obvious transition going on in the music world right now and nobody really knows where we are and where we are going forward. It's really difficult right now to determine how music is going to work, because it can't stand, working the way it is currently. There will be no new artists if it continues along the same path. The more money that gets removed from the industry from people not paying, the less chance there is for new artists to come up. In a way I guess that benefits us!

What would you do if the money ran out? I don't see you guys selling out and signing any huge sponsorship deals...
Thankfully for us, there's just not very much stuff that's actually plausible. Nickelback fragrance? It's ludicrous for us to even think about any of those lifestyle branding things that a lot of other artists like J-Lo can do. We can't pull that off, that's ridiculous! You're not going to see us endorsing a cosmetics line or something!

What do you think a Nickelback fragrance would smell like?
Rock and roll! It would just smell like rock and roll.

INFO: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix After-Race Concerts with  Kylie Minogue (Friday), Nickelback (Saturday) and Eminem (Sunday), free for F1 ticket holders, du Arena, Friday 2 November to Sunday 4 November, www.yasalam.ae, www.yasmarinacircuit.com.

Read the full interview in an upcoming issue of Ahlan!, where Mike opens up about Nickelback's latest album, his brother Chad's engagement to Avril Lavigne and sibling rivalry.