EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Natasha Bedingfield

Ahlan! chats to singer Natasha about music, love and her brother Daniel
Thursday , 01 November 2012
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Natasha Bedingfield
Natasha's performing in Dubai tonight!

British singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield, best known for her hits Unwritten and Pocketful of Sunshine, was in Dubai for an exclusive acoustic performance for members of Moments by Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG). We caught up with her for a chat to her before the gig on 1 November, where, after spying the latest copy of Ahlan! with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover, Natasha squealed, "I know them! Kim is lovely! She's very, very sweet! Kanye's also lovely to me, but I don't know what he's like to other people!"

How are you finding Dubai?
Good! I just arrived here last night and today I've been rehearsing with a drummer who came in from England because my drummer was caught in Washington DC.

As a songwriter, what inspires you?
I get inspired by everything from my relationships to people that I meet and stories that I hear. I keep my ears open! I write things down. I'm always thinking of songs titles.

Do you and your brother have any rivalry as you're both musicians?
Not really. I really adore him and look up to him so if anything I over-adore him. He's my main inspiration, he's the person I learnt off. He's always been very supportive of me! We fight about normal brother and sister stuff.

Your new album is out next year. What stories are you telling on this record?
This album is going to be about relationships and love, which I've never really done. I've never really covered that so I'm doing it as an album.

What kind of love? Married life or heartbreak?
Well, that's the challenge because being married, you can't just write about your own personal stories. I feel like it's incorporating some of the stuff that I've gone through but also the people around me. It's not going to be only about me, that would be boring!

Read the full interview in an upcoming issue of Ahlan! where Natasha opens up about her latest work, her bestie Lewis Hamilton and why she married a "normal" man!

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