DJ Judge Jules


08 Nov 2011

International DJ Judge Jules spoke to Ahlan! Live about his music, his son and what's next

You’re playing N’Dulge on 10 November – what can we expect?
It’s been one of the strongest couple of weeks for new tracks that I can remember. Big chunky uplifting tunes with energy from start to finish.

What identifies the Dubai/UAE crowd from the rest of the world – any observations?
There’s a large ex-pat community in Dubai/UAE so there are always plenty of familiar faces in attendance. The clubs and hotels are very impressive, and nowhere else in the region gets treated to anything like Dubai’s quantity of top notch DJs and acts, so folk are very clued-up.

Other than N’Dulge, which is your favourite club/event in the world to play at?
My own weekly night in Ibiza, Judgement Sundays, takes some beating. Not merely because it’s my own showcase, but because the atmosphere is literally out of this world.

You’re a regular fixture in Ibiza. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen there?
Every year I witness something crazier than the last.  When Spain won the world cup in 2010 I saw a large group of Spanish football fans attempting to tip over the three metre high Egg statue in San Antonio and roll it down the street. In the end the police got out their batons and chased them away, which was surreal to watch.

You sang on your debut solo album, Proven Worldwide – what was your favourite lyric?
Keep Me Runnin’ After You, Coz I Love What You Do. I’m sitting here singing it back to myself and laughing. It was a one-off, as I’m certainly not the world’s greatest vocalist.

When you’re not listening to yourself, which DJ do you most like listening to?
I enjoy catching up with my fellow trance DJs syndicated radio shows, including Armin’s ASOT and Above & Beyond’s TATW.

Your son Jake must be getting close to being a teenager – would you want him to follow in your footsteps and become a DJ?
Jake has a broad musical knowledge but at the moment he’s more into his dubstep than his trance. I’m sure he’ll see the light, otherwise his allowance is being cut.

What’s next for Judge Jules?
Plenty more of the same, I’m just in the process of putting together some new singles for release plus pushing for another compilation in the near future. Over the next couple of months I’ll be playing South Africa, Russia, the US, Brazil and Argentina, so plenty of passport stamps.

Also, I’m just beginning to think about Judgement Sundays Ibiza 2012. If summer 2011 was anything to go by, I think it’ll be one of the biggest seasons yet.

INFO: Tickets cost Dhs100 and ladies go free before 11pm, 9pm to 3am, 10 November, 2011. N’Dulge, Atlantis. For more information visit or call 056 603 7961.