Exclusive Interview: Judge Jules

10 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Ahlan! chats to the DJ ahead of his gig at XL Beach Club this October

You've been to Dubai loads of times before. What do you think of the music scene out here?
It's leaps and bound ahead of the region in regards to choice every week. It's nurtured a very clued up crowd, and the culture of going out, which not every city has obviously.

What are you planning for your set this time?
I'm playing an open air event and that puts one into a festival frame of mine, so that'll mean putting out the best festival anthems.

What do think has been the biggest tune of the summer?
I suppose Million Voices has been the big hit for summer. I'm unique because I make a lot of bootlegs i.e. my own versions of things that have familiarity but with my own personal touch. It's difficult for me to answer what the biggest songs of the summer are as I try to get away from that and focus on my own version of things.

What's been your fave festival this year?
I guess Creamfields. It's the longest established dance festival in the UK which gives it a huge ability to attract a stellar lineup and a long standing legacy in a way that you could say Glastonbury does. Creamfields has a real crowd loyalty which you don't see at a lot of festivals.

We've got Creamfields in Abu Dhabi in December with David Guetta and Armin van Buuren!
I always have to remain diplomatic on the subject of David Guetta. It's a bit of a Marmite situation on that matter...

Which way do you sway?
While I wouldn't plan his records I think that he's responsible, more than anyone, for the massive explosion of dance music and for that he really demands a lot of gratitude. But at the same time I'm not hugely keen on the tracks, but he's created a market that arguably didn't exist before he started doing what he's doing - commercial mainstream dance music - which in America people have been trying to achieve for almost a generation and  nobody else has done.

INFO: 12pm to 3am, Friday 19 October, XL Beach Club, Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai, 056 640 6161, www.facebook.com/xlbeachclub.

Read the full interview in an upcoming issue of Ahlan!

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