04 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Ahlan! chats to the Swiss DJ ahead of his gig at Mo*Vida on Friday

Are you looking forward to coming back to Dubai? It's your fourth time out here, you must love the UAE!
I’m very excited to be heading back to Dubai this week with its beautiful weather, shopping, beaches and of course the amazing nightlife.

How would you describe your musical style to people who may not know you?
I keep my sets as open format as I can. That means I mix up genres like rock‘n'roll with hip hop, trap, dubstep, house music and my own productions. I’s the most fun way to play and gives the audience a musical journey.

Who are the most famous people you’ve ever DJ’d for or with?
I’ve played alongside Kelly Rowland, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Ryan Leslie and many more. Tinie Tempah and Redfoo (LMFAO) were very cool and chilled, we hung out backstage. And I went shopping with DJ Chuckie the day after a gig which was fun.

How do you think growing up in Zurich helped you in your career?
People might not imagine it but Zurich has a serious nightlife scene with different clubs booking huge acts. It is an amazing city to grown up in. The multitude of culture and clubs certainly helped.

You started DJing very young. How did you get people to take notice of you?
I sold my first mixtape for CHF 2 in front of a club at the age of 15 and that’s how I got my first booking. At 17 I started my residency at one of Switzerland’s best Clubs, the Kaufleuten. The club mixes I release usually receive a lot of attention and so do my own tracks like Burning Fuse.

Who are your musical influences?
There are many amazing producers, both famous and underground. In my opinion, DJ A-Trak has an incredible career, starting as a turntabelist and meanwhile being a major act in EDM.

Mega DJs David Guetta and Armin van Buuren are coming to the UAE in December. What do you think of them?
Big names like David Guetta pushed the scene a lot and gave less known DJs at the time like Afrojack a platform. I respect the hard work which is behind their careers. Concerning my DJ sets I’m happy when the crowd is still up for hearing new and different music they might not know from the radio.

Where are your favourite places to play in the world? Personally, where are your favourite places to party?
I love playing in London, parties get crazy over there. One of the best audiences I have is at my own night called Unashamed Luxury at Kaufleuten in Zurich. They know all my own productions and go mental all night long. Personally I like to party in the South of France with my friends.

What’s next for you after this gig?
After my latest bootleg I did from Reckoning Song/One Day by Asaf Avidan which got worldwide support through DJ Tiesto, my next track is soon to be released. I don’t have a name for it yet, but I might play it at Mo*Vida on Friday.

Finally, any words for your fans/future fans out in the UAE?
You guys definitely know how to party, can’t wait to be back with you on Friday! Thanks for having me.

INFO: 11pm to late, Friday 5 October, Mo*Vida Dubai, Radisson Royal Hotel, Dubai, list@movida-dubai.com, 055 174 4449, www.movida-dubai.com, www.djcruz.com.