EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bow Wow Chats to Ahlan!

30 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

We talk to the singer-songwriter ahead of his gig at Dubai Caribbean Carnival on 1 November

We can't wait to see you perform on 1 November! What do you think of the other performers at the carnival, Sean Kingston and Jason Derulo?
Me and Sean Kingston have a little history. We had a chance to work together on the song Put That on My Hood, and he was on a tour with Chris Brown and I a couple of years back. Jason Derulo’s had a couple of big records. One of them, Whatcha Say, was supposed to be mine actually but I passed on it!

That was a huge track. Do you regret that decision?
No, never. If I feel in my heart that a song’s not right for me then it wasn’t right for me, but I’m happy he scored something with it because it was a terrific song.

Snoop Dogg named you Bow Wow. Is this something you ever wanted to change?
I’ve thought about it but my name is a brand. No matter where I am or what I do, I’ll always be Bow Wow to people, so I accept it. I tried to use my real name, Shad Moss, but I only get away with that when I act.

Are you dating at the moment?
Oh no, I have no time! All of the time I have I’m with my daughter or my family or at work. That’s all I’m concerned with. I wouldn’t mind settling down when I’m 50 but right now I’m on a 30-year mission!

Read the full interview in next week's Ahlan! out on 8 November.

INFO: Thursday 1 November, Dubai Caribbean Carnival, Burj Park, Downtown Dubai, www.321-events.com.