Flo Rida

EXCLUSIVE: Flo Rida Live in Dubai

04 Mar 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

The grammy-nominated rapper chats to Ahlan!Live

He’s just flown in to perform his hit tracks but before he got down to business Ahlan!'s Shannon Wylie met up with the smooth talking rapper from Florida to chat about his hits, highlights and hanging out with his boys.

Flo Rida– a name derived from his home town of Florida – whose real name is Tremar Dillard, is currently swamped by a crowd of people all screaming, and screaming and, well, screaming in the middle of the Virgin Mega store at Mall of the Emirates. But I managed to get a few words in-between security guards, hoards of fans and signings. Somewhat surprising, Flo Rida was incredibly accommodating to even the smallest of fans, stopping to have a chat and get snapped.

So here’s what he had to say…

What do you think of the Middle East music scene?
I got a chance to check out the music with my boy S1. He’s a new boy coming out. But being able to have exposure here is a reflection of life on the scene. It’s obvious people here support R’n’B which is cool. It’s a real honour to be able to come and perform here for my fans.

How did you start your record label?
I had success with my first album which was produced by Atlantic Records. It made me financially successful so I was able to start my own label. I’m working with new talent Get Fresh, White Frames and my girl Little Brianne.

What has been the ultimate highlight in your music career?

Wow, umm, ultimate highlight. There’s a lot. Oh, but I think getting a chance to go on tour with Beyonce in Australia has to be my ultimate highlight. She’s a phenomenal artist and she loves her music.

When you’re not putting down beats, touring or producing where can we find you?

I like to play basketball with my friends in my neighborhood. Carol City, Miami is where you’ll find me. But my fans can call me anytime on +1 305528277869.

A few days later and in the aftermath of his visit, Flo Rida has left a distinct impression on the local music scene. The crowd which packed the Palladium on Thursday night for his concert has been jolted alive with a real taste of rap and R'n'B - a welcomed response at that! I wonder if there are any spare copies of his new track still floating around the city? After his first UAE performance, I guess maybe not.

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