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EXCLUSIVE: Felix da Housecat Purrs for Ahlan!

17 Feb 2015

The Chicago native tells us his thoughts on Paris Hilton’s music career, Lenny Kravitz and Puff Daddy and his fashion sense

Fans of house music love this DJ. The one and only Felix da Housecat was recently in Dubai to perform at the city's hottest club Provocateur and he definitely tore the house down! The Grammy nominated DJ is known for his recordings such as Mezcalateer and for his unique style and has even collaborated with artists like Madonna.

Ahlan!’s Deputy Editor JJ got to speak with the Chicago native to find out his thoughts on Paris Hilton’s music career, Lenny Kravitz and Puff Daddy and his fashion sense.

How do you feel about people like Paris Hilton DJing now?

Well, I know Paris so she’s always been in to electronic music but people are so used to seeing her in a Hollywood lifestyle. They can’t fathom her DJing and it’s the same with Puff. He’s heavy in to electronic and he’s harder in to techno than I am. People were so used to seeing him in a different light so over the years, when people actually see him performing at DC10 and Amnesia and he’s going hard, then they realize that he’s actually good and same with Paris.

How do you feel about house going in a more commercial route?

It’s sort of like when we had Buddy Guy, all these guys created blues and then it was so underground and it came to England and then there were the Rolling Stones and Elvis, they called it rock and roll. It’s the same thing with EDM and techno. It’s all in the same family. The EDM guys always show respect to the house guys. The more commercialized it becomes the quicker it burns out but I think everything goes in a cycle.

Apart from Diddy, what other rappers would you like to collaborate with?

At one point, I was trying to get Gucci Mane because we have the same barber. Lately, I haven’t been thinking about [who I’d like to collaborate with] lately but when we’re done, I’m probably going to have the answer afterwards.

In Dubai, people call you the Lenny Kravitz of DJing. How do you feel about that?

Are you sure? I mean my six pack dropped down to my waist. I take that as a compliment. I have to let my wife know that one. Lenny gave me an award for best Electronic album in 2001 in Miami and that was my first time meeting him. I’ve got to let him know that!

What do you think about playing in places like this where it’s more commercial?

I’m used to it. I’ve been told I’m one of the only guys that can balance it between house and techno. I think all the commercial people that I know or my friends; they’re always at my parties so they respect me and let me do my thing. For me, good music is good music. I play what makes people happy and dance and as long as I like it too, I never compromise too much.

Speaking of good music, are Chicagians fans of Kanye West?

I’m a huge fan. A lot of people in Chicago have all got chips on our shoulders. When I’m hanging out with my friends, I get in to that mode just like him and I have to calm down. You have people like him and R. Kelly trying to make it out of Chicago. I had to go to England to make it in House but I think he’s brought Chicago on the map and he speaks his mind. He tells the truth and some people don’t like it but he makes up for it because his music is so good. Everyone likes the bad guy because everyone loves Darth Vader and that’s what he is. The world needs a Kanye and its entertainment at the end of the day. I’m sure when they go home and they turn off the lights, they’re not in that mode. It’s an illusion. I can’t take Felix da Housecat to bed.

Speaking of your home life, how do you manage to stay loyal to Felix da Housecat?

I went through this phase where I was like ‘okay when I’m on the road, I’m Felix da Housecat and when I’m at home, I’m Felix Stallings Junior’ and it would crash. I was raised like ‘never forget where you come from’ and ‘treat people like how you wanted to be treated’. 

How many tattoos do you have?

Four or five. I have a cat on my shoulder actually and some other weird tattoos.

For your style, who do you like to wear?

I’m a Zara freak. A lot of people are in to these fashion designers and I’m in to Zara. I’m not in to labels too much though.