Exclusive: Anna Dello Russo, the new Queen of Fashion, Talks to Ahlan!

02 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

In an exclusive interview, the Queen of fashion talks to Ahlan!'s Rachel Ingram about cool clothes, conformity and childhood

Anna Dello Russo is on a one-woman-mission to change fashion around the world, one colourful bag at a time. Bored of black and uniformly dressed women, her crusade brings her to Dubai where we track her down for some fashion tips.

Known in the fashion industry as a ‘fashion maniac’, Anna Dello Russo is currently the Editor At Large of Vogue Japan. Before this she spent 18 years at Conde Nast Italia, starting as a Fashion Editor at Vogue Italia she went on to become Editor of L’Uomo Vogue from 2000 to 2006.

The Italian fashionista is famous worldwide for her outlandish fashion taste, and blogs her outfit every day on www.annadellorusso.com. Her obsession with fashion is so great that her husband left her because she would not give him space in her vast wardrobe!

Despite having a whole separate apartment for her clothes and over 4,000 pairs of shoes, Anna is rumoured to only ever wear an outfit once.  When asked if this is true she simply laughs and says with a cheeky twinkle in her eye, “Yes. Yes I buy a lot of clothes, I love collecting clothes.”

Anna is notorious for her controversial photo shoots and she is unafraid of causing a stir, in fact she encourages it. In September she faced criticism after she taped American model Crystal Renn’s face during a photo shoot, stretching her eyes so she looked more Japanese. But the Editor refused to apologise for her unorthodox methods, what’s more she posted a behind-the-scenes video on Youtube showing the taping procedure being done.

However, she is not happy with fashion at the moment, “[People] need to change their style, they need to be more different,” she complained. “I like it when each woman is different from the other one, I like when it’s not all together, all the same.”

Anna spoke to Ahlan! about her pet hate for fashion conformity, advising the key to finding your new style is to experiment with different accessories, starting with varying the colours of your bags.

“Change your style, change the bag,” she says. “When it’s all the same girl armed with the same colour, it’s not good… all these Chanel black or Birkin black.”

 “I love all designers... But change your colour in the brand.”

Anna was in Dubai to promote her debut fragrance, which is bottled in, you guessed it, a stiletto-shaped bottle. Talking about the fragrance she revealed the vanilla scent reminds her of Christmas time when she was a child with all her family.

“It’s about fantasy and childhood,” she said. She aims to capture this feeling of youthful fantasy in the smell and bottle, “it’s like Cinderella shoes” she laughs.

Speaking about her first impressions of Dubai she says, “I love Dubai, because technically it’s very close to my [home]. I love the architecture, I love the landscape and the fact it’s so clean and so prosperous. I like it.”

Likewise she adores the style of Arabic women in the Middle East, “I love how they mix their tradition, like how they work on the fashion together”. We love you too, Anna!

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