Evgeny Kuzin

The Bulldozer Group has brought international destination dining haunts to Dubai
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Evgeny Kuzin
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2014 has been a proud year for The Bulldozer Group. We launched both Toko Dubai and Sass Café and received the Arabian Business Award for Hospitality Company of the Year. 
There are perks to working in the hospitality industry. Although the phone never stops ringing and the meetings never end, there is always a food or drink tasting to be indulged in.  
Going out is not always fun. Given that our group specialises in dining, the entertaining schedule is hectic and all-consuming. It may look like a laugh but it’s hard work. 
I dedicate what little time I have outside work to my family. I’m ready to do whatever my wife and daughters want to; seeing them happy relaxes me!  
Any dining or entertainment experience is essentially work. There is always something to learn; even if I am a consumer, it is important for me to see things from a customer’s point of view. 
Don’t make rash business decisions. I consult my business partners and employees, who I trust and are knowledgeable. We each play our part, with different strengths and experiences that are equally valuable. Even if I feel strongly about something, I have to take a step back and if I still feel the same way after talking it over, I will do it.  
We are going full-steam ahead. I have two high-end international brands, including Novikov, opening this year and some very exciting projects in the pipeline. My main goal will be to see them through and plan for new projects in 2016.  

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Always my first port of call to keep abreast of regional news. 
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This property company is always re-inventing itself. It’s interesting to see its plans, as it has such a profound influence on the landscape.
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We are opening the Dubai outpost so need to know what is happening with the brand internationally.

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