Everything You Need To Know About Barre Workouts

Everything You Need To Know About Barre Workouts

18 Feb 2018

It's time to hit the barre...

Dance barre is a favourite workout for the likes of Dakota Fanning, Zooey Deschanel and Candice Swanepoel. Here, we reveal why and how dance barre can improve your body, and where you can take a class here in the UAE... 

Can you start dance barre at any age?

“Before 65, it is safe. After, I think it is wiser to organise few 1-2-1 classes to understand the basics,” Diana told us. “The reason is because in age, the body forgets alignments and loses muscle tones. Ballet barre has got a fast tempo and can be challenging.”

Can you achieve a dancer’s body with dance barre?

“Ballet barre is a fantastic tool for a total body workout with fast repetition in a low impact, because you hold the barre!” Diana enthused. “With dance barre, you work better on alignment, posture and tone than everything else. But will it get your body slimmer? No, not directly... It improves your mechanic. If your muscles are aligned and your posture improved, subsequently you will burn more calories because more muscles of your body will work in a more efficient way.

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“If you work three times at week and follow a sensible eating plan you can look slimmer. This happens if your posture has a good balance.

“If you have deep scoliosis, or a head forward posture, or X leg shape, it is important to do some 1-2-1 classes with a teacher to fully understand your own structure, limits and potentials. I'm a great fan of a structural approach because I believe a body with a good bio-mechanical asset burns more calories.”

How does it work?

“Some of my routines have a strong cardio component; heartbeat in peak at 120-140 and this makes you burn in average around 350 Kcal per class (50min),” the ballet barre pro outlined.

“In my class, we do a combination of slow training to focus on body shape, breathing and alignment, and a cardio workout with repetition of the same movement. We work on stability, flexibility and strength, looking also for graphic alignment and body geometry. Definitely, you look slimmer and taller – thanks to a better posture – you can eventually lose weight as well, but I suggest 3 times a week of Aeroballet and do swimming and running the other days.”

Is it difficult?

“To do barre properly is hard, alignment is difficult as you’ll have to change your bad postural habits in new and good mechanical patterns that will bring efficiency,” she said. “Achieve a new efficient body is very tough and you need discipline and consistency. Also, once you achieve your goal, you have to keep in shape. Discipline is a key point.”

Where to do it in the UAE... 

Define Dubai 
Silverene Tower B, Dubai Marina, Dubai
Tel: 04 421 6377

Fly Barre at Flywheel 
Flywheel, Burj Views and Gold & Diamond Park, Dubai 
Tel: 04 423 2544

Corner of Hazza Bin Zayed & Mubarak Bin and Saadiyat Beach Club, Abu Dhabi 
Tel: 02 443 4448

Physique 57 
City Walk and Al Thanya Mall, Dubai 
Tel: 04 344 8757