Everyone fancying Emma Watson!

Gorgeous, rich, clever and down-to-earth. It’s no wonder the A-list London lads are all competing for Em’s affections...
Wednesday , 18 February 2009
Everyone fancying Emma Watson!

At the recent BAFTA after-parties, one star in particular was the main focus for most of the celeb male population of London.

According to party sources, 18-year-old Harry Potter star, EMMA WATSON was the belle of the ball for the night, with not one, but four super-cute celeb guys all vying for her undivided attention!

Ahlan! unveils the blokes who’ve been chatting up the lovely Ms Watson...

Robert Pattinson
“Emma did a round of a room with her ex-Harry Potter co-star, ROBERT PATTINSON,” a BAFTA party-goer revealed to The London Paper. “Rob was keen to take Emma to a private area at Harvey Weinstein’s party, but Emma was in-demand!”

Boy effort rating
You’ve got to work on your powers of persuasion to get a girl into a ‘private area,’ Rob.

Alex Pettyfer
“Emma was getting very cosy with ALEX,” spilled a bash eyewitness about the gorgeous Wild Child actor. “Alex was certainly trying his hardest to impress her. After dancing together for a while, they sat away from their pals to swap numbers and seemed keen to get to know each other a little better. They were still animatedly chatting at 4am.”

Boy effort rating
We definitely like a boy who goes all out in trying to impress a gal. And Alex gets quite a few bonus points for managing to get her number! Boy’s got some skills.

Jamie Dornan and Nicholas Hoult
“She was cornered by KEIRA KNIGHTLEY’s ex, JAMIE DORNAN, before her attentions were poached by [About A Boy star] NICHOLAS HOULT,” added the party insider. “She enjoyed the attention, but headed off early.”

Boy effort rating
If Jamie gave up monopolising Ems that easily, then he deserves to lose out to Nic!

The Boyfriend!

Despite all the attention, Ems is apparently happily loved-up with her banker boyfriend, Jay Barrymore

But... she did reveal of her post-BAFTAs partying, “My boyfriend’s being boring and has gone to bed.” So, maybe Robert, Alex, Jamie or Nicholas might stand a chance after all...?