Even Tom Felton thinks Kim looks like Draco Malfoy!

It seems we're not the only ones who think she belongs in Harry Potter...
ByAndre NevelingSunday , 08 March 2015
Even Tom Felton thinks Kim looks like Draco Malfoy!
Tom is having a LOL at Kim's expensive

Harry Potter’s Tom Felton has mocked Kim Kardashian’s new hairstyle and compared her look to his character from the hit franchise.

Kim broke the internet (again) on Thursday when she unveiled her new peroxide blonde locks, sparking humorous comments on social media likening her to the Hogwarts bully. Now Tom, who portrayed Malfoy in the Potter films, has joined in on the fun. He posted an image on Instagram showing Kim mocked up as Malfoy and added in the caption: "So apparently Kanye has a Draco fetish....#muse."

Tom's onscreen father Jason Isaacs, who played fair-haired Lucius Malfoy in the franchise, also commented on Twitter, writing: "Seriously though. I wondered where my wig went. Lucius had some good work done..." 

Great work, indeed! Thanks, Kanye... 

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