Evans Celebrates Women!

The new #IamMe campaign proves that fashion has no size
ByNaomi ChaddertonMonday , 01 August 2016
Evans Celebrates Women!

Think you have to be a size zero to be beautiful? Well Evans is putting that ridiculous stereotype to bed with its new #IamMe campaign, which features a fantastic line-up of body-confident women that highlights how diverse we can be. 

Proving that fashion works for any size, the stunning squad includes a real mix of familiar faces and emerging talent, as well as bloggers and models who each have their own sense of style. Digital influencers Nadia Aboulhosn and Callie Thorpe bring out a playful side to the campaign, while US models Hayley Hasselhoff and Alessandra Garcia sit alongside new face Brielle Anyea. 

Completing the line-up is ultra-marathon runner Mirna Valerio and singer/songwriter Jessica Clemmons, the former who dispels the myth that curvy girls don't exercise by writing about her experiences under her Fat Girl Running Blog. 

Now that's definitely one step forward for fashion, and for women the world over - check out the amazing pictures here...

Hayley Hasselhoff 

Jessica Clemmons

Nadia Aboulhosn