Eva Mendes' Workout Weapon

The actress has a secret to looking and feeling good
Saturday , 30 July 2011
Eva Mendes' Workout Weapon
Eva Mendes

Men want to date her, girls want to be her... We can only be talking about one woman and that’s the Latino lovely Eva Mendes. While her acting skills have seen her share the big screen with stars such as Denzel Washington, Will Smith and now Keira Knightley in their latest flick Last Night, her good looks have seen her dominate with billboards for such brands as Revlon and Calvin Klein. And now she has just been made the ambassador for Reebok’s Easy Tone collection. However, the woman who been at the top of her game for the past 10 years in Hollywood, says that looking good isn’t about punishing yourself,  it’s all about balance.

While this A-list actress may star in La-la land’s biggest blockbusters, she still manages to stay down-to-earth. It could be due to the fact that she worked her way up from extra to lead actress in Hollywood or the fact that she’s shunned the celebrity lifestyle by dating the same guy, film producer George Augusto, for the past decade.

Though as down-to-earth as she is, even Eva hasn’t managed to stay controversy free - and this was due to those famous curves. Her TV ad for Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession scent was famously banned in the US for depicting what appears to be a naked Mendes...

The sultry Latino blatantly (and justifiably) doesn’t have any hang-ups when it comes to her figure, but admits that both the upkeep of her body and her positive attitude towards it require regular effort. “I have worked very hard to love myself, and I do. I think that’s what people may respond to with me. There are a ton of beautiful girls in this business with beautiful bodies,” says the star. Eva is the first one to admit that her beautiful shape is not a work of a magic. In order to enjoy the odd treat and still look this good she needs to put in the hours in the gym – which she sees as a small price to pay when pizza and pasta are the rewards of her labour!

“I have to work out four to six times a week because I enjoy pasta and having a biscuit with my coffee. I put in a lot of time at the gym to ensure that I am able to indulge at other times. Pleasure is pain!” she laughs. She recommends mixing it up to prevent boredom and partakes in more fun outdoorsy things like mountain climbing or hiking in Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon Park. The proud owner of a Belgian Malinois, Eva’s dog also helps to keep her active.

“My favourite thing to do is walk my dog, Hugo. Or I do light weights at the gym.” And the secret to her bootylicious derriere?  “I detest squats, but they’re so necessary. Everybody over the age of 26 needs to be doing squats at least a few times a week.” Like the rest of us, Eva often finds it difficult to motivate herself to exercise, finding it very easy to talk herself out of it, but acknowledges that it’s essential in keeping her mentally sane and physically fit. With long, draining days spent on set, she relishes its stress busting qualities too.

As an advocate of Harley Pasternak 5-Factor diet, Eva generally follows a routine of five quick workouts a week and five small meals. But she is allowed a cheat day and absolutely adores pizza! “I could eat a whole pizza easy. I would shock you at how much I could actually eat!” the svelte star insists. It’s no secret she has a sweet tooth – “any kind of dessert is fantastic” – and she also harbours a weird fast food fetish. “This is funny, and kind of gross: I like Cup ‘o Noodles – yes, the actual cup that you can get at any 7 Eleven. That really rocks my world for some reason.”

Cup ‘o Noodles aside, her day-to-day eating regime is not revolutionary but it works. Hardly surprisingly, balance is the key and she ensures that plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables play a large part of it. “I try to always have some around for a snack. I also love grilled fish, especially salmon.”

Eva’s one regret is that her creativity when it comes to work and design – she says if she wasn’t acting she’s be an interior designer – doesn’t extend to the kitchen. But the self-confessed incompetent cook does feel she’s at that age and stage in her life where she should learn how to master some culinary skills. “I open the fridge and don’t know how to get from point A to point B. I do want to start because I feel really pathetic.” She’d also save herself a fortune on restaurants and take away bills!

That said, this fun-loving gal likes nothing better than having her girlfriends around to her pad for dinner parties – as long as she doesn’t have to play chef. She will at least set the table though. “Some of the girls cook but I don’t, I just set the ambience,” she says. “My thing is flower arranging.”

It’s not surprising that the self-effacing and brutally honest actress was drawn to the script of Last Night, written and directed by Massy Tadjedin. Specifically, Eva loved the truthfulness in the script. “When I read the script I just thought ‘wow there are so many little details in there that take a woman to really appreciate’.”

Yet while Eva plays the seductress, her character dresses in a rather demure fashion. as they didn’t want to stereotype her. “We didn’t want her to be just this bimbo.” Which is something the press and her legion of fans would never accuse the high-spirited, talented and straight-talking Eva Mendes of being.

A few of my favourite things

 “I like Laura Mercier, Nars and True products.  I try everything!”

“Between long days on the set and travel, it’s not always possible to get a full workout in, so that’s why I love hiking in my EasyTone shoes.

Yellow and polka dot dresses
“I love my little yellow numbers. Yellow is really fun. And polka dots in Paris. You always wear that in Paris. My rule.”