Eva Longoria Talks Harry Styles, Twerking, and her favourite Kardashian in Dubai

The Desperate Houswives star reveals her likes and dislikes to Ahlan!
ByJJ AnisiobiSaturday , 14 December 2013
Eva Longoria Talks Harry Styles, Twerking, and her favourite Kardashian in Dubai
Latin love: Eva Longoria chats to News Editor JJ

With an impressive roster of television and film projects to her name she is easily one of Hollywood’s best known and most recognised stars, but Eva Longoria also has a very charitable side that few people know about.

The 38-year-old activist and philanthropist is in Dubai to host the first edition of The Global Gift Gala, which is a unique international fundraising initiative that forms part of the Global Gift Foundation platform to help raise funds and make a difference towards children and women around the world. Ahead of the prestigious gala Ahlan! chatted to Eva over a cup of tea at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, and quizzed her about One Direction, Cheryl Cole and dodging limousines.

Who is your favourite Kardashian? Gosh, that’s a hard question, I actually like Kris the most.

But Kris Jenner isn’t a Kardashian. I know, but from the show she’s my favourite.

Would you ever do a music video like Kim and Kanye? I have. I did a music video with Alejandro Sanz, but not on a motorcycle and I was fully clothed.

Would you ever date a rapper? I did date a rapper, my ex-husband Tony Parker rapped in French.

How often do you twerk? (Eva erupts with laughter)I don’t think I’ve ever twerked.

Our Fashion Editor Lindsay Judge loves One Direction and wants to know which one is your favourite? I don’t know any of them except Harry Styles. Is Harry Styles even in that band? Is that right? I’m probably saying the wrong person, I just don’t know them. Wait, is that Harry on the cover of your magazine?

Yes, that’s him with Kendall on the cover of Ahlan! Tell your Lindsay I don’t have a favourite member, but I love Kendall. She’s beautiful.

Do you prefer Backstreet Boys or New Kids On The Block? N*Sync.

Would you rather drink Diet Coke or full fat Coke? Full fat all the way.

For lunch you have to choose between a Big Mac and Fries or a healthy salad? A healthy salad.

You’re lying. No, I don’t lie. i’m not! I never eat McDonald’s. Ask my girls, I never ever eat anything from there.

What will you do for Christmas this year? I’ll be in Texas with my family.

And New Year’s Eve? Acapulco, with my beautiful ladies.

X Factor or American Idol? What’s the difference?

Would you rather your man had a body like Mario Lopez or Ricky Martin? Oh gosh, I love Ricky. I have to say Ricky Martin. Mario loves working out too much. He’s obsessed with working out and I don’t like that.

Would you ever get a huge tattoo all over your derriere and back like Cheryl Cole? I have a huge tattoo. Not as big as Cheryl’s though. Hers is big!

How many times have you been in a Limousine this year? This year? I haven’t been in a stretch limousine since high school.

Then how do you get around Hollywood? In SUVs. In America its not cool you know, stretch limos are cheesey. If a stretch limo pulls up I would not get in.

How many hearts have you broken? Too many to count.

Fajitas or Burritos? Fajitas.

How similar are you to Gabrielle Solis? Total opposite.

Do you prefer Mother Up! or Desperate Housewives? Desperate Housewives.

I’m not telling you how to think, but Mother Up! Is much funnier than Desperate Housewives. It is hilarious isn’t it. It’s an adult comedy, some people didn’t get that.



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