Eva Longoria Needs Good People

Eva Longoria has spoken about why she surrounds herself with good friends and why she’s excited to host this year’s ALMA awards with her pal American comedian George Lopez
Eva Longoria Needs Good People
Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria ensures that her milieu is filled with positive people. The 37-year-old actress, philanthropist and entrepreneur hosts this year’s American Latino Media Arts Awards (ALMAs) with her good friend American comedian George Lopez.

Eva is enriched by the relationships she has with the people in her life. She does not take companionship for granted.

"Life's so short," she told People magazine. "You should be surrounded by people who make each other better people."

Eva and George will be presenting the awards together for the third time. The star is elated to be working alongside her pal again.

"We're in a stage in our lives where we've done a lot in our careers and we work with people we want to work with," Eva explained.

"I love being George's sidekick for the night. I set up the jokes and he knocks them out of the park. He's the funniest guy around."

The ALMA awards, which features presentations by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ana Ortiz, will broadcast on NBC September 21.