Eva Longoria Parker

Eva and Her Merry Men!

18 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Things go from bad to worse to ‘phwoar-tastic’ for the Desperate Housewives star

Just when it looked like things couldn’t get worse for Eva Longoria after divorcing the “love of her life” NBA basketball player Tony Parker amid rumours of his numerous affairs, it seems the actress’s side project as restaurateur has also failed with the venue going bankrupt.

Thankfully, however, all is not doom and gloom as the pint-sized beauty has been finding comfort with a legion of Hollywood’s hottest men...

Failed Enterprise

Pals say the 35-year-old was devastated when Beso, the Las Vegas restaurant for which she has a 32 per cent share, filed for bankruptcy with Dhs22 million debts. Eva launched Beso (which is Spanish for kiss) with business partner Todd English in December 2009 – a year after opening her Hollywood flagship restaurant. The decision to file for bankruptcy came after lawyers stated the company was expected to rack up losses of more than Dhs51,000 a month. “Filing for bankruptcy was the only thing they could do to keep it open,” spilled an insider.

And in a desperate bid to revive the property and drum up support the actress recently Tweeted sexy images of herself posing in the restaurant-cum-club, along with messages insisting “Beso Las Vegas! It’s gorgeous in there”.

However, cashing in on her celebrity wasn't the only thing Eva had to cash in on as legal sources revealed the Latino star is also being sued for Dhs15.5 million by an investor.

A close aide explained, “Investor Mali Nachum claims Longoria’s money-making deal behind the celebrity hotspot is illegal. Longoria lent Dhs3.87 million to the company with the agreement that she would receive an astronomical level of interest – amounting to a staggering Dhs17.8 million over just two years. Nachum claims that the deal not only violates California law but cuts into his share of the company. He’s seeking more than Dhs15.5 million in damages.”

The Hot Men

Yet, ever the optimist, pals say Eva is determined to get over her financial issues just like she has moved on from her problems with Tony. “She’s back on the single market,” insisted a friend.

Proving she has moved on, the actress, who immediately ditched her wedding ring after her split from Tony, has now gone to extra lengths to erase her ex from her life by removing the wedding date tattoo on her wrist. “She was constantly reminded of the break-down of their relationship with that tattoo,” spilled a source.

Eva has allegedly proved she’s over Tony by dating an assortment of Hollywood hotties. While her current squeeze is Penelope Cruz’s younger brother Eduardo, with whom she has been enjoying a series of ”sleepovers”, she has also been linked to Jennifer Ansiton’s ex, Entourage actor Kevin Connolly.

The couple were spotted flirting and feeding each other in Hollywood’s Katsuya Japanese restaurant . “Kevin’s an old friend of Eva so there’s always been chemistry,” revealed a source. Eva has also been spotted on secret dates with Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner.

Though pals are happy Eva’s finally moving on, we can't help but worry about some of her choices after she was spotted flirting with Kiss legend Gene Simmons at a recent celebrity charity event. “She laughed heartedly at every one of his jokes,” spilled an eyewitness.