Eugenie Piles On The Pounds

Princess pudgy packs on the pounds for winter
Tuesday , 04 October 2011
Eugenie Piles On The Pounds
Princess Eugenie of York

She was once the thinner sister but it would appear Princess Eugenie has taken the bouncy baton from sister Beatrice.

And, according to sources, the younger royal is less than impressed by her fuller figure and has turned to Bea for some advice on how to drop weight.

My source says, “The girls both take after their mother, big-boned and prone to putting on weight quite quickly.”

“If it wasn’t for their public personas they would be a lot bigger than what they are.”

“Beatrice has to work hard to keep the weight off and Eugenie has the same physique.”

“The difference is Eugenie hasn’t been working hard and it shows so she’s taken a look at Bea’s work ethic with her trainer and is following suit. She’ll be working out soon.”