Your Internet Broadband Speed In The UAE Is About To Get A lot Faster

Thank you, Etisalat
ByKate-Lynne WolmaransWednesday , 30 January 2019
Your Internet Broadband Speed In The UAE Is About To Get A lot Faster
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How many times has the following scenario happened – you’re in your PJs, streaming that show you’ve been dying to watch, when just as the film reaches its climax, it freezes. You lose hope in all humanity and then vow to go to bed, that is after you get so angry that a little tear beings to form and begin having a meltdown (you know, the one where you resemble some sort of fish out of water) and then, you finally go to bed.

Sounds like Thursday night, right?

Well good people of the UAE, Etisalat has just upped its broadband speed, so you will never have to go through such a heart breaking experience again.

Let me explain, the telecommunications service provider announced earlier this week that all eLife subscribers (that’s those with eLife Unlimited and eLife Starter packages) will now receive up to 100Mbps.

The best bit? There will be no increase in fee and it is valid to all new and existing subscribers.

The good news isn’t over yet. All those with business subscriptions (Business Quick Start), will now receive 600Mphs, instead of 100Mbps – talk about an increase.
“We are delighted to offer this complimentary upgrade to our business customers, giving them the professional edge with much higher speeds and making their businesses future ready. The double speed upgrade is Etisalat's commitment to make our technology work for businesses and individuals, enabling them to grow their business and stand out from the competition.

As for home customers, Etisalat has already doubled the speed of 'eLife Unlimited', which also introduced a 'Commitment Free' option, which does away with the minimum commitment period for subscribers," said Salvador Anglada, the Group Chief Business Officer of Etisalat.

Toodaloo folks, I’m off to stream those last few seconds of "Inception".

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