Etihad to start offering economy class passengers business class amenities

They'll come at a price though!
ByMashal AbbasiTuesday , 12 December 2017
Etihad to start offering economy class passengers business class amenities

Dreaming about business class while you're all cramped up in economy?

Etihad Airways has found a way to make your journey a tad bit more enjoyable. The UAE's national carrier is offering those flying coach the chance to purchase business class amenities! 

Confused? Let us explain. Etihad Airways will soon start selling a selection of comfort items to those on-board, including amenity kits with skincare products, cold brew coffee, snack boxes, and sleepwear. The products will be introduced on select routes to and from Abu Dhabi.

Will people actually buy them? Analysts say yes, reports Gulf News.

“I think they've done a lot of research into what customers want, and I think a lot of passengers feel that even though they’re purchasing an Economy Class ticket, some of those fares aren't the cheapest, but they like what Etihad has to offer. As a result, I think Etihad looked at the feedback and thought, ‘If they're happy to pay extra to fly with us, who’s to say they won't be happy to pay extra for on-board amenities,” said Saj Ahmad, chief analyst at Strategic Aero Research.

Etihad said in a statement that it will monitor guest satisfaction with the launch, and aims to expand the range of items sold.

“Etihad Airways is always looking at new ways to give our guests more power and control over their experience, through options to customise and personalise their journey,” said Linda Celestino, vice president for guest experience and delivery.

The products being sold include Christian Lacroix amenity kits with Omorovicza skincare, Christian Lacroix sleepwear and Coffee Planet cold brew.

What can you buy in-flight?

  • Paris, London and all Australian sectors in Economy Class will offer cold brewed coffee from Coffee Planet priced at Dhs15 a glass
  • All ultra-long haul sectors (except US routes) will offer Christian Lacroix male and female branded amenity kits with Omorovicza products priced at Dhs80
  • Christian Lacroix branded sleepwear will also be available for purchase, coming in at Dhs130  

Will you be buying any of these products?

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