Etihad Airways is running a single-use plastic-free flight today

It's Earth Day, which means raising awareness for environmental protection
ByOlivia Adams Monday , 22 April 2019
Etihad Airways is running a single-use plastic-free flight today
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A round of applause for Etihad Airways, please. The airline is operating a single-use plastic-free flight on Earth Day today and we hope this means other airlines will follow its lead in the future. 

Etihad is the first airline in the region to operate a flight without any single-use plastics on board, in a bid to raise awareness of the effects of plastic pollution. Flight EY484 left Abu Dhabi on April 21 and will land in Brisbane today.

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The milestone flight is part of Etihad’s ongoing commitment to reduce single-use plastic usage. Buzz, Etihad’s current supplier of amenity products, are supporters of the project and have collaborated with the airline to provide sustainable amenity kits, eco-plush toys, and award-winning eco-thread blankets. Buzz produced the blankets out of recycled plastic bottles. 

Even better, Etihad is committed to removing up to 20 percent of the single-use plastic items on board by 1st June, 2019. By the end of this year, Etihad will have removed 100 tonnes of single-use plastics from its inflight service.

Seriously well done, guys.

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