Unlock Your Brain with Escape Quest Dubai

Unlock Your Brain with Escape Quest Dubai

24 Feb 2015

Break out of the routine and give your cranium a sixty-minute workout

There’s so many things you and your mates can do to keep active in Dubai, like throwing yourself out of a plane, jumping on loads of trampolines, or propelling yourself down an artificial ski slope in a shopping centre. But what about one of the biggest muscles you have – your brain? Don’t you think that might benefit from a bit of a workout every now and then?

The concept of escape games – interactive real-time brain-teasing which requires scrutiny, dexterity, ingenuity and most importantly teamwork – are starting to take hold around the world, and Dubai is already involved. Escape Quest is a relentless hour-long brain-frazzle based in the HDS Business Centre in beautiful downtown JLT, and the rules are simple: you and your team are locked into a room belonging to an intrepid explorer with a fascination with all things African, festooned with chests, shelves, another door and a whole lot of padlocks. All the clues to the combinations to unlock said padlocks are there – but can you find them? And when you do, can you work them out before time runs out?

A detachment of Team Ahlan! were despatched to Escape Quest to rub their brains together and see if they could do it, and the result was: just about. We’re not prepared to give out any clues – in any case, you can ask for them at any time you like, and they almost immediately pop up on the TV monitor – but we can reveal that there are so many things to unlock and scratch your head over that you never run into a dead end, it requires all brain and zero brawn, it’s ridiculously fun, and the sixty minutes fly by quicker than the last hour of a Friday brunch.

Parties of two to five are recommended, but if there are more of you don’t worry – they have two identical rooms, meaning you can split up and race each other for added spice. If you're looking for a team-building event with a difference, are a puzzle-freak, or just want to do something different with your mates, you really must give this a go. INFO: Escape Quest, 2004 HDS Business Centre, Cluster M, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, 0552845382, info@escapequest.ae, www.escapequest.ae