The Entrepreneur Judge: Yogesh Mehta

06 Mar 2013

Managing Director of Petrochem Middle East

The true grit and determination of this honourable Indian has seen him become a self-made millionaire as the head of one of the largest chemical trading firms in the UAE.

What was it like being one of The Entrepreneur judges?
Initially overwhelming – the glare of the lights, the lipstick, the caking makeup and hours of shooting...

What were the other judges like?
We all got on so well. For the programme we all had to adopt certain characterisitcs. Abdul Baset was the strict one; Muna was motherly; Nisreen was black and white and I was the more comical one who would appease candidates.

And what do you think of the winner?
Loulou has real zest. She’s a natural entrepreneur.

And so are you...
Well, I have determination. One doesn’t become truly successful until they’ve sweated blood. It’s an ongoing journey.

What qualities should an entrepreneur have?
Our mantra at Petrochem is ‘Love, Respect and Integrity’. All these are vital – along with patience and a lot of hard work.

Would you say the UAE has been good to you?
Absolutely. It’s been my home for over 20 years.