Emojis are the new traffic signs in Dubai

Emojis are the new traffic signs in Dubai

17 Sep 2017

Watch out for them in school zones

Driving too fast? You'll be seeing an sad red emoji if you do!

The first week back to school brought with it the usual morning rush, with children and parents all slowly settling into routine.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in lieu of the academic new year, has built a smart system to interact with parents and guardians driving in school zones.

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This has been done through smart signs capable of detecting and displaying the driving speed and sending friendly messages directly to drivers through expressive emoticons. In short, if you drive too fast, you'll be seeing a sad face in red, and if you're within the speed limit, you'll see a green smiley.

The speed limit surronding school areas is 40km/h, so make sure you're driving below that, or you'll be seeing red faces everywhere!

Emojis are the new traffic signs in Dubai

Maitha Bin Adai, CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “Phase I of the project was tentatively commissioned in five areas in the first week of the school year, including Muhaisnah 1, Al Mazhar, Al Wasl, Al Garhoud and Al Safa. Other areas will be covered in Phase II"

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According to Bin Adai, the initial areas selected had previously witnessed over-speeding cases in recent months. Exceeding the speed limit, even by a small margin, may cause run-over accidents and injuries among students.

“The underlying idea of these smart signs is based on the findings & recommendations of scientific studies that had proved the success of these signs in inducing the intended impact on drivers as they address and tell each driver individually about his/her speed and driving behaviour and they are not generic. Such a customised message gives the driver a personalised impression that he/she is personally meant by that message, thus creates a direct and intended impact on the driver,” continued Bin Adai, reports Gulf News.

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