Emmy Special! - Giuliana’s Red Carpet

Ahlan!Live caught up with the E! host for an exclusive chat ahead of next week’s Emmy’s to talk show-stopping frocks, fashion disasters and why she always runs away from Sean Penn!
Wednesday , 16 September 2009
Emmy Special! - Giuliana’s Red Carpet

Who are you most looking forward to meeting on the red carpet?

I am really looking forward to meeting Ellen DeGeneres- who's obviously just been announced as the fourth judge on American Idol. I'd also like to talk to Charlie Sheen because of all the scandal he's been involved in recently. I'm interested to see what mood he's in! I'm also really excited to see the Entourage guys... Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven. They are always great fun! I've also heard that Justin Timberlake is going to be a guest. I normally see him at the VMAs so it will good to see him at the Emmy's. He's been nominated for guest performance on a comedy show.

Who've you got your hopes pinned on for best dressed?

In terms of fashion, I've heard Jennifer Aniston is going to come, so I'm really excited to see what she's wearing. She's not really a risk-taker so I would like to see her go out on a limb and wear something fabulous. I'm excited to see Christina Applegate too. And Mary-Louise Parker - she has got such a slim figure, she always looks good in what she wears. I'm excited to see Vanessa Williams as well, she's looking amazing at the minute. And Drew Barrymore, who always wears something bright and colourful. I'll be looking out for Mariska Hargitayas well.

Are there any fashion shockers you're expecting?

Jenna Fischer from The Office often gets it wrong. She's often a miss on the red carpet. Toni Colette as well - she often makes the worst dressed list.

Who's the best dressed celeb you've ever seen on the red carpet?

The best dressed I've ever seen is Angelina Jolie. She always looks great...her style. She always looks amazing. Nicole Kidman is another one who looks so elegant. Kate Bosworth has a real classic, simple and elegant style. Helen Mirren too. For an older women, she is the best dress over 60 on the red carpet.

If you do see a fashion disaster on the red carpet, do you find it hard to keep a straight face?

If someone doesn't look good, I don't have the heart to lie, so I won't mention it. I'll brush it aside. I'll ask, ‘Who are you wearing?' ‘What inspired you to choose that dress?' ‘Why this dress out of all the other dresses you could have?' but I won't say it's great. Especially because the next day, I know it's going to be on The Fashion Police on E! so that wouldn't make me look great!

Who is your fave star that you've interviewed?

I love George Clooney. He's still my number one! I'm yet to meet someone better than him. He is so gracious in interviews. He makes you feel that the stuff he's telling you, he hasn't said to anyone else. He's warm and funny and, even when the cameras are off, he's engaging you. He'll ask me about my marriage, he'll ask me about my personal life... he's a real gentleman and a real movie star. Colin Farrell is another one who's really fun...he's hilarious!

Who is the worst star you've interviewed?

Sean Penn can be very intimidating, so when I see him, I run! He doesn't want anything to do with the spotlight. Russell Crowe can be tough too, though he's mellowed slightly since he had kids.

What's your relationship like with (co-host) Ryan Seacrest?

Ryan Seacrest is like a brother to me. We've been working together for three years and we've very close off-camera. He pokes fun at me on air, but what you see on camera is what we're like together in real life! We constantly poke fun at each other. We have a 10am meeting every day before the show (E! News Daily) and it's no different! I tell him it's because he's secretly in love with me! That's why he pokes fun at me!

You've just interviewed Oprah for E!, what's she like in person?

Oprah was great, really sweet. In fact, she couldn't have been nicer. She's the best at what she does, so it's intimidating to me to interview my idol. She's going in to her 24th season and she's such a good interviewee she talked like it was her first season. I was so excited to meet her. This job is just amazing and she is such a great inspiration.

You've now got your own reality show with your husband Bill (Rancic, winner of the first season of The Apprentice), Giuliana Bill. What can viewers expect?

It's a real marriage... a long-distance relationship. It's about living apart because of our jobs and travelling back and forth 1500miles each week. We're two regular people in an extraordinary world. You'll see a lot of behind-the-scenes Hollywood stuff. We've had an amazing response from viewers already. It's also really real. You won't see us flip over the table... the emotions are real. I think a lot of people can relate to it. It's inspiring for couples and it's inspiring for single people. It's about marrying your best friend and planning a family.